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Exquisite Consonance: A Collaborative Exhibition

A Sixth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival event presented by Spudnik Press, in partnership with Chicago Artists Month
Thursday, October 6, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
at Spudnik Press Cooperative,
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302
FREE Donations encouraged.

Exquisite Consonance is a hands-on collaboration blurring the lines between artist, curator, critic, and viewer, speaking to the importance of community and cooperation as part of the creative process. Join the artists at Spudnik Press in creating a series of exquisite creatures with a selection of hand-carved linoleum blocks and a printmaking press. After creating a unique print to add to the mounting gallery wall, participants are encouraged to add some words — we suggest the classic Haiku – to give viewers a sense of the significance of the piece, the history of the artist, what cultural events led to the creation of the piece, how the piece speaks to other prints in the show, etc.

Falling somewhere in between the Surrealist game “Cadavre Exquis” (circa 1925 France) and Barbie Fashion Plates™ (circa 1980 United States), Exquisite Consonance will be hands-on, fun, and lighthearted, leading to a communicative, experimental, and reflective exhibition of art made by and for the people.

Exquisite Consonance will overlap with Spudnik Press’ Open Studio session, allowing visitors to see the community print shop in full swing. Guests can stop by for a short visit or contribute to the exhibition through out the night. Participating in the art-making is free. Guests who wish to create artwork to take home are encouraged to make a small donation to the studio.

CPG Lecture: Grant, Exhibition and Residency Applications

Meg Duguid from the Chicago Cultural Center has graciously volunteered to give a lecture on applying for grants, shows, residencies, etc. She oversees the CAAP grant in the city, and knows all the ins and outs of art applications. Angee and Spudnik Press have offered to host this lecture, which will be open to both CPG and Spudnik members. If you are interested, mark your calendars now.

This event will take place on Wednesday, September 14th 2011 at 7:00pm at Spudnik Press Cooperative, 1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302.
Event is free; donations are appreciated.

Newbie Not Novice: An Exhibition of Student Work

Newcomer Not Novice

An Exhibition of Student Work

Part of the 1821 Loft Open House, in partnership with Chicago Artists Month with a special visit from The Tamale Spaceship
October 14 – November 4, 2011

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 14, 2011

Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302

Each year, Spudnik Press introduces over 60 artists to printmaking processes like Screenprinting, Relief printing and Intaglio. Our student body is diverse, bringing an astounding array of experiences to the classroom. Students often bring advanced skills in graphic design, painting, photography, and other creative fields. Other students are making artwork for the first time in many years, reclaiming ownership of the handmade. We are constantly surprised by the caliber of work coming from Introductory classes, and are always excited to follow up on what past students have done with the foundation skills they learned at the studio.

In this vein, this fall we will be celebrating the educational component of Spudnik Press with an exhibition of artwork by Spudnik Press students and teachers. Newbie Not Novice includes work creating within classes as well as new work by students who continue to incorporate printmaking into their practice. We will also be highlighting Spudnik’s teaching artists, and the experiences they bring to our classes.

Participating Artists:
Matt Bergstrom
Liz Born
Paloma Cortez
Jessica A. de la Cruz
Krystal DiFranco
Brian Hofmeister
Emily Klein
Angee Lennard
Maija Lundgren
Sean D. McKay
Erin K. Nolan
Becky D. Padilla
Colin Palombi
Kelly Parsell
Monica Ray
Emily Serruto
Laura Vergara
Troy Wiitala

Renegade Craft Fair

It’s time for Renegade again! Come and visit Spudnik’s booth and grab some crafty prints!

Members, we are inviting you to share our booth with us! Each active member can submit up to 15 items. We will display between 1 and 3 prints from each participating artist at all times, at our discretion. For example, artists can submit 3 images, 5 copies of each or 15 monoprints. Please keep in mind that this is a craft fair. Keep price points under $50 and imagery catchy! Each member that has work represented is asked to volunteer a 4 hour shift during Renegade. (See below for shifts)

Members are responsible for creating clear professional labels. All work must be labelled with a title and the name of the artist, and price so that we can document what sales are made. It is your responsibility to keep an inventory list.

Work should be delivered in plastic sleeves with a rigid backing for easy display and handling. We have some bags available for resale at 25 cents each.

Spudnik Press kindly asks for 25% of the proceeds from sales made at Renegade to be donated to the studio. This will help cover the fee for the booth (which was $400!)

Confirm Participation by August 31. Include top three choices of shifts you would like to volunteer (Send to

Drop off artwork by September 7.

Pick up unsold artwork by September 30, or the artwork will be considered a donation to the press!

Volunteer Shifts:
Saturday, Sep. 10
4-8pm (will need a car)

Sunday, Sep. 11

August Drink & Draw!

Drink and Draw


Wednesday Aug 3
Some booze provided (or BYOB)
Suggested Donation: $5
@ Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 308
Chicago, IL 60622

July 6th, 7-9:30pm is the next Spudnik Press Monthly Drink & Draw! The first Wed. of the month Spudnik Press Community Print Shop opens it’s doors for artists to gather & draw over some thematic booze! There’s no teacher and no pretensions. We provide a theme for the evening and some booze (you can also BYOB). Attendees provide a sketchbook and whatever drawing utensils you prefer (for Aug. we’ll have some paints). Please come, and bring your friends while you’re at it.
August’s theme is Fingerpainting! Come get in touch with your inner child & learn to finger print & paint while sipping some summery beers (or BYO)!

Annual Member Meeting 2011

Annual Member Meeting


Wednesday August 10, 2011
@ Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60622

As stated in our bylaws:

“At the annual meeting, the members shall elect directors and officers, receive reports on the activities of the association, and determine the direction of the corporation for the coming year.”

The board of directors will recap the past year, and ask for reflections from members. We will share the goals we have in place, and ask for feedback. If you would like to suggest a nomination for our board, send it our way! Those in attendance will also be the first to hear about new programs we’re working on specifically for members.
Hope to see you there!

July Drink & Draw! COMICS!

Drink and Draw


Wednesday July 6
Booze provided (or BYOB)
Suggested Donation: $5
@ Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 308
Chicago, IL 60622

July 6th, 7-9:30pm is the next Spudnik Press Monthly Drink & Draw! The first Wed. of every month Spudnik Press Community Print Shop opens it’s doors for artists to gather & draw over some thematic booze! There’s no teacher and no pretensions. We provide a theme for the evening and some booze (you can also BYOB). Attendees provide a sketchbook and whatever drawing utensils you prefer. Please come, and bring your friends while you’re at it.
July’s theme is COMICS. Come draw comics of all kinds or start your first comic! The featured drink is summery lemonade & vodka (or BYO).

Cut, Bit and Curious

Cut, Bit and Curious

New work by:
Rebekka Federle
Julia Vodrey Hendrickson
Liz Wolf

Curated by Robyn Farrell
Opening: Friday, June 24, 2011

Exhibition continues through
July 16, 2011

@ Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60622

Cut, Bit and Curious presents new work by three artists working with little more than paper, press and blade. The artists utilize traditional practice as a means to play with the process and perception of visual narrative. Pairing ephemera with contemporary context, the densely composed group of work seeks a balance between poetic and whimsical themes with surreal and melancholic harmony. Each artist draws from their own archive of collected materials and experiences, demonstrating the capabilities and impact of paper re-constructed and re-contextualized through material and concept. Poignant and adeptly edited, the images create a hypereality informed by cultural and personal histories. The exhibition challenges the role of paper and hand appropriation in the digital age exploring a new methodology produced from found object and rescued memory.

Rebekka Federle was born in Berkeley, California to a scholar and an artist. She grew up in Hyde Park on Chicago’s south side and currently lives in Kansas City where she is a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. She has worked as a studio assistant to the Chicago-based artist Tony Fitzpatrick and recently exhibited work at Nadine Blake in New Orleans in March 2011.

Julia Vodrey Hendrickson is a native of eastern Ohio who lives and works as a visual artist, writer, and curator in Chicago. She received a B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in English from The College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio) in 2008. Julia works as the gallery manager at the Chicago gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey and at Ork Posters in Chicago.  She is also a teaching assistant at Marwen, and has taught at Spudnik Press. She plans to attend the Ox-Bow School of Art (Saugatuck, Michigan) this summer and the Courtauld Institute of Art (London) to pursue an M.A. in the History of Art this fall. 

Liz Wolf is a painter, printer and paper maker living and working in Chicago. She received her BFA in painting from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in 2004 and an MFA from the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Program at Columbia College Chicago in 2008. Liz has worked Rohner Press, Magnolia Editions and Columbia College Chicago. She is currently the Exhibition and Collections assistant at The Mary and Leigh Block Art Museum at Northwestern University and an instructor at Northwestern University ARTica studios.

Member Meeting

Member Meeting

Wednesday, May 25
@ Spudnik Press

This EXTRA FUN Member Meeting will focus on designing a “bodega” that will be used during What’s Your Art, a big event at the Cultural Center happening June 4.

We are looking for help wheat pasting prints, creating “frescos” highlighting the magic that is printmaking, as well as help carving about 25 linoleum block prints for a collaborative project that be happening throughout the event.

Please come, carve, connect with your Spudnik roots! Snacks and drinks are encouraged.

Community Workshops

These new workshops are an opportunity to get to meet the artists at Spudnik Press, preview what an upcoming class might be like, be exposed to new processes, and simply learn techniques and tips from professional artists to incorporate into your projects, what ever they may be.

Repeat Pattern Design

with Megan Owdom-Weitz

Wednesday June 1, 2011
$10, or pay what you can

This workshop will review a range of types and styles of repeatable patterns, helping students create intricate interesting patterns that actually fit together seemlessly. Patterns can be used for textile design, web design, making your own wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc. – and this workshop will give you a strong understanding of the principals used by designers to create all sorts of patterns. The instructor Megan Owdom-Weitz, of Megan Lee Designs, has years of experience working with her own patterns, creating her own line of apparel, and is excited to share some of the resources she looks to for inspiration.

*Workshops are hands-on, all ages (students under 16 should be accompanied by an adult), and for all experience levels. Fees are waived for students who are unable to afford this charge and ensure that the Chicago community has access to artistic projects, regardless of income.

Please e-mail angee (at) to have us save a seat!

What’s Your Art?

What’s Your Art

Presented by WBEZ and SIFC

Saturday June 4, 2011
1-5pm, FREE
Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington Street
Chicago, IL 60602

Join us on Saturday, June 4th from 1-5 pm at the Chicago Cultural Center for “What’s Your Art?”: Celebrating the Art Centers of Chicago where ten art centers will be replicating their centers on-site, under one roof. Throughout the afternoon, visitors will have an opportunity to interact with representatives from centers spanning all areas of the city.
From stone carving to printmaking to multi-media video production, each center will demonstrate the activities offered at their space and that enrich their communities. “What’s Your Art?” is free to the public and is an opportunity for Chicago residents to experience art as a part of daily life.

Participating Art Centers:

Chicago Art Department
Chicago Photography Center
Chicago Urban Art Society
Fire Arts Center
Hyde Park Art Center
Lillstreet Art Center
Little Black Pearl
Rumble Arts Center
South Side Community Art Center
Spudnik Press Cooperative

Artist Talk with Dawn Gettler

Artist Talk with Dawn Gettler

Spring Artist in Residence

Thursday June 9, 2011

@ Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60622

Dawn Gettler has been working at Spudnik Press since shortly after our move, creating a variety of prints in a variety of mediums that will be incorporated into installation based projects both here at Spudnik and at Artspace in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please join us to view her newest work and hear her talk about her ideas and her processes.