2 permanent printing stations
3 portable printing stations
T-shirt printing station
Additional working tables
Vacuum table (requires authorization)
Exposure unit (30″ x 48″)
Heat press
Power Washer + spray hose
Wash-out sink

Tools & Provided Supplies

Photo Emulsion
Speedball acrylic ink (for printing on paper)
Speedball Extender base
Squeegees: 6″  to 24+”
Scoop Coaters:  10″ to 24+”
Masking tape
Industrial felt (for printing on textiles)


40 shared screens for Open Studio guests
36 shared screens for students
Most screens fit up to 14″x20″ image size
Largest screens are 25 x 36 O.D.
110 to 280 Mesh
Guests may check out up to two screens for up to two weeks ($15 fine for screens not reclaimed within 2 weeks)
Screens may not leave Spudnik