Amira Hegazy

Amira is a multi-disciplinary artist working within artistic, publishing and scholarly practices: her artwork addresses the fragility of memory, and the inevitability of loss; while her research includes investigation of letterforms and how the way we write is related to the politics and ethics of love.  She is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia College and at the  University of Illinois Chicago, as well as a TERRA Foundation Research Fellow at the Design Museum of Chicago.  In her free time Amira enjoys live music and good food around the city.


Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Printmaking Commissions


Classes by this Artist:

Bookbinding Workshop: Simple Self-Publishing (June)
Bookbinding Workshop: Secret Belgian Binding (July)
Bookbinding Explorations
Bookbinding: No-Sew Books
Bookbinding: Hardcover Case Binding
Bookbinding Workshop: Simple Self-Publishing (08/18/2021)
Bookbinding Workshop: No-Sew Books (8/22/21)
DIY Cards: Letterpress
Bookbinding Workshop: Simple Self-Publishing
From Pen to Paper: Putting Your Writing Into the World
Letterpress: Wood & Metal Type
Bookbinding Foundations