Bookbinding Workshop: Secret Belgian Binding (July)

There are many mysteries about Secret Belgian Binding, yet it’s no secret that this style of bookbinding is extremely versatile and attractive. It is the ideal structure for albums, portfolios, and journals because of the flexible lay-flat binding.

Students will learn how to plan out the book, first deciding the size of the pages, which will determine the proper size of covers and lengths of thread needed to finish the book. In addition to learning the sewing pattern for this binding, students will learn or practice wrapping book boards with cloth and decorative paper, and drilling the holes that will connect the sewn pages into the cover. Through making their own complete book, students will learn the logic behind the complex woven structure and develop sewing techniques that are useful in a variety of other bindings.

While the sewing is elaborate, the workshop welcomes beginners as well as intermediate and advanced bookbinders.