From Pen to Paper: Putting Your Writing Into the World

This 8-week course is ideal for anyone looking to produce their own writing as a zine, graphic novel, memoir, essay collection, novel, or book of poetry. Co-taught by writing instructor Brooke White and publisher Amira Hegazy, students will create two small editions: a poster or zine and a book. Literary posters and zines are used by artists and writers to explore the intersection between the written word and visual art. The book project will introduce pagination, layout, and creative approaches to producing their writing in a book format.

Each of these projects will provide students the opportunity to artistically publish their original content using risograph printing. Additionally, students will receive creative guidance and feedback on their writing, and learn how to structure the length of their book project. Students will also learn the art of bookmaking, traditional and experimental approaches to publishing, and about tools and techniques to produce high-end artist books.

By the end of this course, students will have two unique projects showcasing their original writing.

Please note: Each student will have a dedicated work station and enrollment is limited to 5 students to ensure social distancing. Students will be expected to disinfect shared resources after use and follow all our Covid-related safety precautions. The class fees cover tuition as well as consumable studio supplies.

Additionally, this is an 8 week course with Nov. 24 being taken off for the holiday, resulting in the course end date on Dec. 8.