Logan Kruidenier

Hello, my name is Logan Kruidenier.  I recently completed a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Printmaking at California State University, Chico.  My last year of study was spent abroad, at the Kunsthochschule Mainz in Germany.  As of August 2016 I live and work in Chicago.

I am a multi-media artist. I love making comics (read on my Tumblr and Ello pages), prints, drawings, and most recently I have begun staging public art installations and performances. The format of the Narrative is important to my work, as are the themes of immersion, identity, and consumption.  My industry experience includes designing logos, creating custom brands, illustration, concept art and storyboarding.

Send me an email if you would like to get in touch. I always interested in any ideas you may have concerning collaboration, omelette combinations (personal favorite: broccoli, mushrooms, spinach and cheddar) or other questions. -Logan  : > )

Services Offered:

  • Graphic Design
  • Printmaking Commissions
  • Illustration



Classes by this Artist:

Risography 101 (May)
Risography 101 (November 6)
Risography 101 (September)
Risography 101 (February 10)
Risography 101 (March)
Risography 101 (April)
Risography 101 (May)
Risography 101 (June)
Risography 101 (August)