Chef Spotlight #5: Homeroom

Our fifth Chef Spotlight is Homeroom. Homeroom designs artistic projects and programs with two core values: conversation and collaboration. They build programming structures with artists, audiences, curators and venues to create an artistic dialogue with shared and far-reaching impact.

In what ways does your chili recipe embody your organization?

Our chili recipe, like most of our programming, is an experiment. We won’t know whether it is a success until we present it to an audience.

Who would you most like to share a bowl a chili with?

One of my favorite writers and personalities is This American Life and The Daily Show contributor John Hodgman. His “Judge John Hodgman Podcast” is where I first learned that chili is technically a stew rather than a soup. He seems like a great conversationalist and a pretty funny guy.

 If Homeroom had a Chili 101, who would you book as the guest presenter?

I think our competitor Martha Bayne (of Soup and Bread) would be the ideal person to speak to what a good pot of chili can do for individuals and communities. Perhaps we could pair her with Chicagoist editor and excellent food writer Chuck Sudo to talk about different regional styles of chili (Cincinnati vs. Southwest style, for example) as well as clue the audience into where the best chilis in Chicago can be found.

Do you have any words of warning to your competitors?

I would warn them that our chili recipe was developed based on the advice and guidance of more than half a dozen excellent Chicago artists, musicians and home cooks.

What does Spudnik Press love about Homeroom?

Homeroom lives outside of the framework of traditional non-profits. They have no physical location, and instead move their events through out the city. Their programming is always collaborative, and it is also always lively, yet thoughtful and thought-provoking. Their programming enriches the presenters or collaborators as much as it does for the audience! Although we might be biased since Homeroom co-presents Ten x Ten with Spudnik, we are confident you’ll fall in love with this organization.