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Site and Source

Featured Artists:

Jaclyn Jacunski


10/4/2013 – 10/25/2013


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Friday, October 4, 2013, 6-9pm
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Press Release:

Site and Source is a solo exhibition including many works that were made while Jaclyn was Artist In Residence at Spudnik Press Cooperative in Chicago from March through May 2013. Beginning with the plastic fencing and other found objects taken from an abandoned lot near her home, Jacunski uses the impression of these materials to create new work. At times it is a physical impression, resulting in a sculptural artwork. Other times, it is an impression left on her mind, resulting in a hand-written artwork that takes the form of a chain link fence. Jacunski sees Chicago vacant lots as a common part of life on the west and south side. The lots are clear visual makers that stand out from other parts the city. The physical expressions in these locations reflect the social, political, and financial networks that bind the community or divide us from one another. These urban spaces hold many implications in everyday life – in the actions one takes, in the decisions one makes, and in the crisis we weather.

Jaclyn Jacunski lives and works in Chicago. She received her M.F.A. in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a B.F. A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, trained at Tandem Press. She has taught at SAIC and Harrington College of Design. Her artwork explores protests and acts of resistance in local communities, examining how they manifest in signs, in the landscape, and media.

Charlie Megna: Lost Tribes of Renni

Featured Artists:

Charlie Megna


6/15/2013 – 8/02/2013


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Saturday, June 15, 2013, 6-9pm

Press Release:

Heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy, Native American rituals and American skate culture, Charlie Megna’s colorful gouache and gold-leaf paintings combine loaded, symbolic motifs with the banal, the humorous and the commonplace. In these tribe paintings, we recognize glimpses of sacred ceremonies that feel familiar, but that expand with closer inspection into mystery and secrecy. In addition to the paintings, Megna creates costumes and physical relics to further realize the world of his tribes, and is preparing a small-run artist’s book of myths and alphabets to accompany this show. When exhibited along with the paintings, these surrounding materials combine to take the shape of an anthropological exhibition comprised of the real artifacts of an imaginary society.

Neanderthal Planet

Featured Artists:

Liz Born
Gabe Hoare
Caleb Plattner
Luke Daly
Brandy Barker
Veronica Siehl


8/10/2013 – 9/13/2013


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 10, 2013, 6-9pm

Press Release:

Attn: SalvageCore; Science Division A.Centauri

The remains of an ancient research vessel have been intercepted in orbit of 51 Pegasi C. Our records indicate that this privately chartered, pre-ansible ship was launched 30 centuries ago on a colony mission during the Terran Diaspora. Preliminary scans indicate prodigious flora of an unknown classification. Prepare for Bio-quarantine Protocol 6. Recovery of the vessel is immanent; status of crew: unknown. Report for debriefing at SpaceHUB1821

Neanderthal Planet is a print-based installation, time capsule, and anthropological anomaly. Travel there firsthand at the Annex. Refreshments will be served.

New Work from Liz Born, Gabe Hoare, Caleb Plattner, Luke Daly, Brandy Barker & Veronica Siehl

Long-Arm Stapler First Aid Exhibition: Self-Care In Zines and Mini Comics

Curated by:

Liz Mason and Neil Brideau

Featured Artists:

Edie Fake, Rinko Endo, Kathleen McIntyre, Ramsey Beyer, Liz Prince, Dina Kelberman, Sara McHenry, and more.


4/20/13 – 5/31/13


The Annex at Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

April 20, 2013, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Press Release:

Care is a disquieted state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and responsibility; a suffering of the mind; painstaking and watchful attention, maintenance, charge, and supervision. Self-care and first aid places these concerns towards oneself with a DIY mentality. Long-Arm Stapler First Aid brings together an assortment of zines and comics that address health-related issues ranging from mental to physical, personal to societal, and preventative to regenerative. These largely self-published works address, at times, incredibly personal experiences, usually with a large dose of wit.

Unlike a film or a painting, readers of zines and comics are able to engage with these works at their own pace, choosing when they are ready to confront the next page. Perhaps this is what allows authors to broach difficult, and often very personal, topics with great breadth of emotion, honesty, and clarity. Through the combination of words and images, artists are able to rely on multiple modes of communication to bring together the tangible and the cerebral. Often the very act of making a zine is considered a therapeutic caring action.

This exhibition of largely self-published works tackles self-care from many angles: health, grooming, food preparation, self-defense, coping strategies, defense mechanisms, mental or spiritual development and even soul enrichment. At their core these pieces suggest we must be our own advocates for our own health and well being.

Long Arm Stapler First Aid will also include a limited edition exhibition zine, compiled by Liz Mason, encompassing relevant self-care themes in zines and mini-comics such as: heal- ing, grief, fitness, and medical issues, and a limited edition screenprint by Ramsey Beyer, published by Spudnik Press.

In honor of self-publishing as a means to foster well-being, Spudnik Press is proud to host this exhibition featuring dozens of zine makers from across the country, including Edie Fake, Rinko Endo, Kathleen McIntyre, Ramsey Beyer, Liz Prince, Dina Kelberman, Sara McHenry, and more.

Liz Mason is the manager of Quimby’s, as well as the editor and publisher for Caboose.
Neil Brideau is comics artist and comics sommelier at Quimby’s, as well as an organizer of CAKE, Chicago’s Alternative Comics Expo.

*Image Credit to Dina Kelbermann

Growth / Street Puzzles Exhibition

Curated by:

Juried by Jeannette Tremblay and Alison Kleiman

Featured Artists:

Victoria Martinez with Catherine Sollman, Courtney Sennish, Inah Choe, Julie Cowan, Malikah Fernandez, Peter Lutz, Elizabeth Kennedy, and a collaborative piece by Sean McKay and Pablo Philipps.


March 9 – April 10, 2013


The Annex at Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Saturday, March 16, 6 – 9 pm

Press Release:

On view in The Annex, Spudnik’s newly opened gallery and collaborative workspace, will be a juried exhibition entitled “Growth” as well as new work from Spudnik’s recent Artist in Residence, Victoria Martinez.

In honor of their recent addition of The Annex (the third expansion in as many years!) Spudnik released an open call on the theme of growth. This exhibition takes a close look at the idea of metamorphosis in all its forms and celebrates exceptional work in the field of printmedia.

The nine artists represented in this exhibition speak to the theme of growth in many ways, literally and figuratively – a change in size, number, significance, maturation, development, or identity. Growth artists include: Catherine Sollman (Chicago), Courtney Sennish (Providence, RI) , Inah Choe (Chicago), Julie Cowan (Evanston), Malikah Fernandez (Chicago), Elizabeth Kennedy (Chicago), Peter Lutz (Providence, RI), and a collaborative piece by Sean McKay (Chicago) and Pablo Philipps (St. Louis).

Growth was juried by Jeannette Tremblay, of the Hyde Park Art Center, and Alison Kleiman, of the DePaul Art Museum. Kleiman also serves as the Vice President of the Spudnik Press Board of Directors.

Simultaneously on view is work produced by Spudnik Artist in Residence, Victoria Martinez. Martinez, who lives and works in Chicago, has created an edition of vibrant screenprints on paper. During her residency she created work based on the trips between her Pilsen apartment and Spudnik Press in the Ukrainian Village. Inspired by text, found objects and urban detritus, Martinez created ephemeral collages that give a second life and greater meaning to previously discarded materials.

Daniel Mellis – Artist’s Books

Featured Artists:

Daniel Mellis


January 12 – February 23, 2013


The Annex

Opening Reception:

Saturday, January 12, 2013
6:00 – 9:00pm

Press Release:

Daniel Mellis’s work explores the instability of language and the poetics of the philosophical fragment; the relationship between memory, photography, historical documents, and the inaccessibility of the past; the physical remnants of things now absent; and the combinatorial potential of letterforms through prints and artist’s books. His constant experimentation in a wide variety of print media including letterpress, offset lithography, and digital printing results in unified expressions of content and form.

The show consists of four of his larger projects, some smaller works, and a print triptych created especially for the show at Spudnik Press.

The Gig Poster Project Exhibition

Harold Washington and Spudnik Press Cooperative proudly presents:

The Gig Poster Project

January 24 – February 1, 2013

City Colleges of Chicago
Harold Washington
Room 102

Public Reception: Thursday, January 24th, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Live Printing at 4:30
Awards at 6:30

Featuring posters by students from:
Chicago Talent Development High School
Farragut Career Academy
Perspectives Math and Science Academy Charter School

The Gig Poster Project is a multi-faceted arts program engaging students with their communities through music and design.

This fall, Teaching Artist Phil Parcellano and Poster Designer Johnny Sampson led a series of workshops in three Chicago secondary schools, guiding students through the process of designing a poster.

On exhibition is the culminating artwork from all three campuses. From this astounding selection of work, 18 students will be awarded a screen printing apprenticeship at Spudnik Press Cooperative. One grand prize winner will be commissioned to design and print a gig poster for Mucca Pazza, the marching band that thinks it’s a rock ‘n roll band. Please join us on January 24th for a hands-on printing demonstration, food, and celebration.

Please contact Vanessa Smith at with any questions. Gallery hours are Mon-Fri 12 to 6 p.m.

Nine On The Prairie: Ragdale Teaching Artist Residency

November 27 – December 4
Reception and live performances Sunday December 2, 5 to 7 PM

The Annex at Spudnik Press Cooperative
Hubbard Street Lofts
1821 W Hubbard St, Suite 303
Chicago, IL 60622

Presenting new works and works in progress by:
Anne-Marie Akin
Tisa Batchelder
Stephen Combs
Rod Gingrich
Sabba Elahi
Jamil Khoury
Angee Lennard
Suzanne Makol
Silk Road Rising

Nine on The Prairie features visual, musical and theatrical work created on retreat at the Ragdale Foundation in Lake Forest, as well as notes and ephemera from conversations about teaching practice and artistic process.

In August 2012, nine teaching artists came together in a two-week retreat to explore what it means to be both teacher and artist. Visual artists, playwrights and musicians were given ample time and studio space to pursue their individual projects as well as opportunities for collaboration and conversation. Each left the retreat with new works, new curricula, and returned to their home organizations (arts education pioneers Marwen, Silk Road Rising, and Old Town School of Folk Music) with new ideas about teaching and artistic practice.

Reception is Sunday, Dec 2 from 5 – 7 pm and will offer live performances of new musical works. The show runs November 27 – Dec 4 and will include photographs, painting, embroidery, collage, video and audio.

The Teaching Artist Residency was funded by grants from the National Endowment from the Arts and the Ragdale Foundation.

Garden Where I Walk: Summer Artist in Residence Exhibition

Garden Where I Walk: Summer Artist in Residence Exhibition by Daniel Greenberg

Friday, August 31, 2012
5:00 – 8:00 pm
at Spudnik Press

“Walking is the best way for me to think. Walking in nature allows for a temporary repositioning from our daily lives. But I more often find myself walking on a city street, or meditating while surfing the internet. For me, both the internet and nature operate as an escape from reality.” says Daniel. Working in the form of block prints, drawings and monoprints, and using imagery found online, Daniel depicts the detail and expansiveness of green forests on or with materials made from wood. He hopes viewers can get lost in the details of the natural world, and at times, utilizes technology as a means to this end.

“In the past months I have archived photographs of men in nature from the internet. The men are mostly alone; mostly men I see as beautiful. Certainly, a homosexual gaze enters this work. But by erasing and abstracting the figures I hope the viewer can, for a moment, occupy their bodies, gestures, and perhaps even thoughts. Sometimes I go a step further, extenuating varieties of ugliness in the figures, or at times the impressions of figures left behind in nature. Footprints in snow or mud represent a mark of a person left behind, and a desire to see him. Together, these works investigate not just the the homosexual gaze, but the human desire to see ourselves in others.”

Trialogues, Residency Exhibition by Polly Yates

Opening Reception Friday, October 5, 2012
7:00 – 10:00pm
Plaines Project
October 5 – October 19, 2012

In partnership with Spudnik Press, Polly Yates, the recent artist in residence at Spudnik, will have a solo show opening in early October.
Yates is a recent transplant to Chicago, coming from London, where she recently received her Fine Art MA at Central Saint Martins. Polly’s project explores themes of desire, abundance and fecundity. In the complexity of the processes inherent to her practice of fragmentation and collage, she references the Baroque, excessive ornamentation and the folding in of the outside

During her residency at Spudnik Press, Yates has been completing a series of large, screen print collages, plus an accompanying series of smaller works. Yates says, “I work in the exact opposite way to most print makers; instead of taking one image and making multiples, I take multiples and create one image. For the Spudnik Press residency, I have been working with processes of doing and redoing, doing and undoing – of showing and hiding. Taking photographed or found images I fragment, distort and weave them into one another to the point of abstraction. By limiting myself to certain techniques, colours and imagery, I am trying to gain as much difference with repetition as I can.”

Hubbard Street Loft Open Studios, The Annex Debut + New Work by Brandy Barker

Hubbard Street Loft Open Studios

Oct. 12, 2012

Building-Wide Celebration

Chicago Artist Month Featured Event
Hubbard Street Loft’s artists and art spaces will share their creative practices through exhibitions showcasing studio artists, demonstrations, refreshments, and music. 1821 Hubbard Street Lofts houses an array of Chicago’s best art-based businesses including Spudnik Press Cooperative, Platform Studios, Front Forty Press, The Post Family, Saverio Truglio, and more. By sharing what we do, we hope to better illuminate how we all work together to strengthen our community and the relationships we have with our neighbors.

Debut of The Annex

Chicago’s New Home for Underground Publishing
Spudnik’s newest addition, The Annex hosts a gallery and classroom, independent studios, and shared work space for writers, bookmakers, artists, students, and others. A reference library of small press and experimental book projects is under development.

I’ll Let You Go 1.5
New Work by Brandy Barker

Chicago Artist Month Featured Artist
Working primarily in letterpress and relief, Brandy explores the psychology behind manipulative communication. Role reversals and disorientation are two reoccurring themes in her print work, blurring the lines of recognizable letterforms and “new symbols” of communication.

Plus Ex Libris is on view in The Printshop

Ex Libris: Portfolio Exchange

Ex libris

Member Print Exchange
In collaboration with Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 12, 2012
7:00 – 10:00pm

Spudnik Press Cooperative
October 12 – November 16, 2012

Spudnik Press is proud to announce an exhibition in conjunction with Atlanta Printmakers Studio. Additionally, Ex Libris is part of the Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival.

Bookplates were originally designed as small decorative labels pasted inside a book’s cover to indicate ownership. A long line of artists have been inspired and commissioned to design these miniature prints including Albrecht Durer, Hans Holbein, Aubrey Beardsley, Eric Gill, and Rockwell Kent to name a few. In the 19th century there was strong interest in ex libris collecting and society’s were formed to promote and commission bookplates from prominent artists.

Bookplates served as evidence of prestige and status as well as important documentation of the provenance of books. The images often related to the interests, career and accomplishments of the book’s owner, a play on the person’s name, and ancient myths or fables.

As Spudnik Press gears up to expand book and writing programming, and Atlanta Printmakers Studio present Print Big!, an event focused on books, reading, and literature, members of both studios have created new work that alludes to the rich correlation between the worlds of art, writing, and reading.

Participating Artists: Peery Angelika, Brandy Barker, Pam Beagle-Daresta, Douglas Bosley, Justin Crampton, Mariana Depetris, Jan DiPietro, Terri Dilling, Andrea Emmons, Kathy Garrou, Chelsea Glankler, Nancy Goldberg, Pedro A. Gonzalez, Gaige Graf, Jerushia Graham, Sarazen Haile, Eric Von Haynes, Jennifer High, Clay McGlamory, Madison Kenney, Alan Larkin, Angee Lennard, Heidi Lingamfelter, Holly Meyers, Marjorie Moran, Eric Neubauer, Nessie Rago, Brian Randall, Laura Reese, Margaret Reneke, Gina Reynoso, Cassidy Russell, Bonnie Samuel, Debrah Santini, David Short, Stephanie Smith, Deborah Sosower, Eva Svitek, Gena Spivey Vanderkloot, Joe Tsambiras, Joanne Vena, Marie Weaver, Erin Whatley, Daryl White, Monica Wiesblott, Judy Winograd