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Drink & Draw [VIRTUAL]: Altered Records

Guest Artist: Ashley Houghton

Artist, printmaker, and athlete Ashley Houghton uses collage throughout her own practice, altering the “official” records she finds in mass media and popular photography to change the narrative about culture and values, particularly about women in sports. We will use found materials and new drawings to change the context and content of existing stories, including political and social issues we want to reframe from their typical depictions. We’ll use the power of erasures as much as additions, and consider collage as an act of “writing” with visual media. This way of engaging with materials is both fun and therapeutic, helping clarify our opinions and articulate important ideas: from current events in the news, to drawings in our old sketchbooks.

Zoom Meeting ID: 958 7393 1114

Suggested Materials

  • Old drawings, sketches, sketchbooks, desk calendar, letters, etc.
  • Magazines, newspapers, photographs, boxes from consumer goods, bills and junk mail, stamps, etc.
  • Cutting tools (scissors, Xacto blades)
  • Tape, glue, or sewing thread
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, oil pastels, watercolor or acrylic paint and brushes

Optional Materials

  • Photos from the internet, memes, screenshots from apps, etc. (for digital collages)
  • A tablet for drawing and/or Photoshop (for digital collages)

Drink & Draw [Virtual] is a low-key drop-in social workshop devoted to staying creative from home. There are no pretensions and newcomers are always welcome, so invite your friends to join! Each Drink & Draw [Virtual] features a new guest artist and a new theme or project that uses pencil, paper, and everyday household supplies. Don’t have a sketchbook? Hosts will help you improvise. Find us on Zoom, a free app for your phone or computer. And of course: BYOB! 

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