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Good Vibrations

Brutal winter, right?! Break out of the winter doldrums and get some Good Vibrations going over at Spudnik with the March show in the print shop featuring a few of Chicago’s best: Joey Potts, Austra, and Chema Skandal! Each artist’s work uniquely uses character in bright color palettes creating an environment of good good good…good vibrations.

This opening is a very special one as each artist has donated a one color design that you can print right there at the show! Try your hand at screen printing, support Chicago’s artists, hang out and have some fun. We hope to see you there!

Joey Potts works with a wide variety of media to create illustrations, animations, graphic prints, paintings and collage.  His influences include classic cartoons and animation, skateboarding, renaissance art, toys, religious iconography, abstract art, science fiction, movies, psychedelic art, music, and natural phenomena.

Austra is a painter, both street and studio. It’s not always smiles, but it’s all good. Austra’s characters showcase her distinct cartoon style. While cool and playful on the surface, her work explores a wide range of experience, the yin and the yang, and what it is to be.

Chema Skandal is a graphic artist, painter and screen printer. His enthusiasm for popular music and images of the last century are evident in his body of work ranging from gig posters to outdoor murals.

Good Vibrations is curated by Tara Zanzig.