Keyholder Program

The Keyholder program at Spudnik Press allows 24-hour access to all of our facilities, including all of the tools and equipment housed in both the Printshop and the Annex. Keyholder access is available to all current members who are comfortable using the studio with no supervision.

To ensure that first-time keyholders are comfortable working independently and that Spudnik Press equipment and facilities will remain well maintained, we request that artists print a minimum of four sessions during open studios or rental prior to becoming a Keyholder. Spudnik Press does reserves the right to deny Keyholder status to a printer. Please call or e-mail staff with questions or to begin keyholder access.

Keyholder Requirements

  • Active Spudnik Press Cooperative Membership
  • Attend a minimum of four Open Studio sessions
  • Demonstrate safe and clean printmaking habits
  • No complaints or unpaid fines on file
  • Fully comfortable with independent use of the space
  • Contact staff to schedule a brief Keyholder Orientation

Keyholder Rates

Full Month

Keyholder access allows 24-hour unlimited access to the printshop and annex for an entire calendar month. Fees includes access to one flat file drawer for personal storage.

Initial Month: $150 per calendar month
*Initial Month denotes the first month ever and any month following a period of inactive Keyholder status

Succeeding Month: $125 per calendar month
*Only when directly following a month of active Keyholder status

3 Consecutive Months: $330 paid in full in advance

Half Month

Half Month keyholder access allows 24-hour unlimited access for the first half or last half of calendar month. Fees do not include access to a flat file drawer. However, flat files drawer rental is available separately.

Half Month: $90 for access either the 1st through the 15th or the 16th through the end of the month.