Studio Access Trainings

Through March 31, 2020:

Please fill out this form if you would like to come to an authorization. Through March, they are offered:

Monday: 7:00 p.m. sharp
Fridays: 1:00 p.m. sharp

Authorization sessions include:

  • General Studio Tour
  • Overview of our programs that provide ongoing support to artists and makers
  • Discussion of prior printing experiences to determine if minimum requirements for authorization are met
  • Brief operational and safety demonstration on equipment and processes specific to the needs of the attendees

Once authorized, artists can take advantage of Open Studio or other Studio Access Programs to use any of the equipment they are authorized for. Artists may stay and print immediately upon completion of authorization. However, we recommend getting authorized well in advance of any project deadlines.

Authorizations are free and last about one hour.  Attending our pre-scheduled authorizations is preferred, but authorizations can also be by appointment.

Starting April 1, 2020:

Anyone who would like to become authorized to print at Spudnik Press or use our studio will need to complete Studio Access Training for the equipment or area of the studio they would like to use. Studio Authorization Sessions are affordable 90-minute to 3-hour sessions led by Spudnik Press staff. These sessions ensure that all makers are proficient and confident using the equipment in our studios and following our specific procedures and guidelines. Each session will begin with an orientation of our studio and mission. Participants will then go through a thorough training session in their desired studio area.

Please note, these sessions are not lessons: they are for makers who already have satisfactory knowledge of their craft. 

If you do have prior experience:
Studio Access Training is always required prior to printing or participating in Open Studio or other Studio Use Programs. Studio Access Training times vary for different processes, and is ONLY for those with recent and thorough experience. If you have experience, but it is not recent, a class or private lesson can get you up and running at Spudnik!

If you do not have prior experience:
Take a class or workshop that includes authorization or schedule a series of private lessons. Requirements for authorization vary based on the process.

Please register at least two full days in advance.

Private Studio Access Trainings

If you are unable to attend scheduled group authorizations, we offer private authorizations for $65 (90-minute) or $125 (3-hours). To schedule a private authorization, please email Ruby Figueroa, Studio Manager, and include what authorization(s) you are interested in and your availability. Please note that we typically schedule authorizations 1-2 weeks in advance. 

Requesting Additional Accommodations:

To help ensure that our studio is accessible to all, in addition to private Studio Access Trainings, we welcome additional requests for reasonable accommodations to support those with various learning styles, physical abilities, and financial limitations. 

Minimum Requirements to Become Authorized:

  • Attend an Authorization session or have recently taken a multi-week class that includes Authorization.
  • Have recent experience with the equipment you would like to use (within 2 years)
  • Have thorough experience with the equipment you would like to use (8-week class or equivalent; Experience required varies based on process and equipment). 
  • Be comfortable working independently.
  • Demonstrate safe and clean printmaking or art-making habits.
  • Demonstrate respect to our staff and our equipment.