Studio Access Trainings

Studio Authorization is always required prior to attending your first Open Studio or becoming a Keyholder.

Spudnik Press is temporarily reducing our offerings. Individual studio access training is not currently offered. Please enroll in a class that includes authorization or consider private lessons.

What Are Studio Access Trainings?

Studio Access Trainings ensure that those with have prior experience from school or another print studio will be proficient and confident using the equipment in our studio. We offer these staff-led trainings in the following areas:

What you can expect:

These sessions are NOT lessons, but specifically for makers who already have thorough experience with similar equipment. 

Minimum Requirements to Become Authorized:

  • Have recent experience with the equipment you would like to use (within 2 years)
  • Have thorough experience with the equipment you would like to use (8-week class or equivalent; Experience required varies based on process and equipment).
  • Be comfortable working independently.
  • Demonstrate safe and clean printmaking or art-making habits.
  • Demonstrate respect to our staff and our equipment.

If you do not meet these requirements, please enroll in a class that includes authorization or schedule a series of private lessons.