Code of Conduct

Spudnik Press strives to guarantee a pleasant and stimulating work climate for all our constituents including staff, teaching artists, volunteers, students, members and all event attendees. Constituents must have respect and attention for all people using the space as well as the space itself. Thus, not only is harassment, intimidation, aggression, violence, and discrimination unacceptable, but normal manners, politeness, patience, and good will are expected.

  • Everyone is expected to act with tolerance, sensitivity, respect, and impartiality toward other persons.
  • Even one insulting comment or one unwanted suggestive comment is harassment, and is unacceptable.
  • As a community, we must be respectful of differences of opinions and knowledge. We need to be respectful of personal space.
  • In addition to keeping your own behavior in line with a proper code of conduct, please be alert towards every form of undesired behavior witnessed within the studio.
  • Staff should always be informed of any undesired situations, small or substantial.

As a community space focused on approachability, our expectations go beyond a standard harassment policy. A community space does not mean that there are no boundaries. In fact, we need to be even more sensitive to boundaries.