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A Lunchtime Conversation: Alexandra Antoine & Celeste De Luna

Join us for this virtual event with artists Celeste De Luna (2019 Resident Artist) and Alexandra Antoine (2020 Ten x Ten), whose prints are up now in our current exhibition With Renewed Urgency. Celeste and Alexandra will each give a short talk about their practice, followed by a conversation with each other, the audience, and the printmakers they worked with at Spudnik Press.

Tuesday, September 22
12pm – 1pm (CST)
Zoom Meeting ID: 956 0089 4990

Alexandra Antoine is a Chicago-based artist who also works with Free Write Arts & Literacy as a teaching artist throughout the city. Her work is multidisciplinary in nature but connected through the themes of language, line, color and portraiture. She references her Haitian-American cultural upbringing and memories of travel, community, and storytelling. Woven throughout her work are the underlying influences of non-verbal languages such as symbols on cloth, scarification on bodies, and colors with significant spiritual and cultural meanings. These elements play a role in the translation of her experiences of visual and methodical research of place, people and culture. Alexandra came to Spudnik Press as part of the Ten x Ten project which pairs visual artists with composers to create original, collaborative works.

Celeste De Luna is a printmaker from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. She is “a true daughter of the border lands” according to Inez Hernandes-Avila and a self-described Nepantlera, from the Nahuatl word meaning in-between space. De Luna has been a front-row witness to the militarization of the U.S. Mexico border, and has an intimate connection to the issues of immigration and decolonization she engages with as an artist and activist. For De Luna, printmaking is a tool for desconstructing oppressive paradigms in her physical, spiritual, and psychic environment; through this medium she creates new landscapes and iconographies about women, children, and families at the border, and the spiritual struggle of conflicting identities and “survivor’s guilt” they experience during migration. Celeste was a 2019 Resident Artist at Spudnik Press.

Left: Celeste De Luna, Out of Flight, Fight, screenprint on fabric, 2019 (detail)
Right: Alexandra Antoine, Nkrabea: A Coming Together, screenprint, 2019 (detail)