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CHASING POSADA: A Macabre Populist in the City–Artist Reception

19 printmakers have responded to the artwork and ideas of José Guadalupe Posada (1852 – 1913), a popular illustrator-printmaker who had a unique working relationship with the urban environment of Mexico City. Posada observed the city from the window of his street corner studio, as he produced broadsides and periodicals to be circulated in the streets. In these, Posada trafficked in a “macabre populism,” giving his audience what they wanted—disasters, freaks of nature, social scandals and scenes of fantastical and everyday violence. It was a vision of an unstable and violent world but also an act of honoring the daily struggle of living. For this exhibition, a group of artists have created limited edition prints and another group has contributed to a limited edition newsprint tabloid publication, keeping in mind Posada and his presence in the city as a “macabre populist.”

CHASING POSADA: A Macabre Populist in the City is a Rotland Press Exposition and is curated by Ryan Standfest.

Featured Artists:

Marie-Pierre Brunel / Tom Carey / Stephen Cavanagh / Sue Coe / Bill Connors / D.B. Dowd / Bill Fick / Céline Guichard / Ben Jones / Kaz / Erik Lundquist / Marc Brunier-Mestas / Yusuke Okada / Onsmith / David Paleo / Grant Reynolds / Arnaud Rochard / David Sandlin / Stephen William Schudlich / Caroline Sury / Wouter Vanhaelemeesch / Chris Wright

Chasing Posada opens Saturday January 17, 2015 and runs through Friday March 6, 2015.