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Drink & Draw [VIRTUAL]: Conjuring Narrative

Guest Artist: Rob Kelsey

This event has been postponed to July 29 from its original date on June 3.

In this Drink & Draw, we will juxtapose our own invented illustrations on top of modern, found materials to force the unreal into the real, and weave the extraordinary into the mundane. Join artist Rob Kelsey for a night conjuring up supernatural elements of the mythical past who will haunt, reclaim, and repurpose mass produced capitalist goods! The current technological era has filled our lives with “objective” things like photographs, machines, and consumer products. How can we manipulate these to revive the disappearing magic of folklore, mythology, and fantasy? Rob will show us how this form of art making can be a deep exercise in storytelling. By adding something new and unexpected to our objects, we change their history and watch new narratives emerge — sometimes in ways we will only discover once we’ve finished. 

Zoom ID: 94214787367

Suggested Materials:

  • Printed materials: photographs, advertisements, postcards, magazines, junk mail, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Any painting or drawing tools that will fix to your materials (acrylic paint, white-out, markers, pens or paint pens, etc.)

Drink & Draw [Virtual] is a low-key drop-in social workshop devoted to staying creative from home. There are no pretensions and newcomers are always welcome, so invite your friends to join! Each Drink & Draw [Virtual] features a new guest artist and a new theme or project that uses pencil, paper, and everyday household supplies. Don’t have a sketchbook? Hosts will help you improvise. Find us on Zoom, a free app for your phone or computer. And of course: BYOB! 

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