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Drink & Draw [VIRTUAL]: Hearing Hands with Robert Stokowy

Guest Artist: Robert Stokowy

How can a drawing convey a sound?
How might a drawing double as a score for music?
How can the act of listening open up new creativity in your art practice?

Robert Stokowy invites you to slow down and tune in to your auditory imagination, to inspire unexpected drawings based on sound art he will share with us. We will also look at contemporary artists who create visual art based on sound, and vice versa. Starting with recordings from the medieval city of Malta, Robert will inspire us with a rich collection of abstract and ambient sounds, tones, and textures from his own field recordings. Analog sound effects will include a live composition he will mix live for us during the event.

Robert believes that deep listening can be a clarifying and generative part of the artistic practice, and that we all have an intuitive ability to make creative associations between sounds and images. By breaking a soundscape down into simple shapes, lines, textures, and relationships, we can open up a new visual vocabulary. Your drawings might range from minimalist abstract doodling, to complex pattern making, to a setting or landscape to match the soundtrack. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 94184301278

Suggested Materials

  • your favorite things to draw with
  • headphones (for hearing binaural sounds in the recordings)

Drink & Draw [Virtual] is a low-key drop-in social workshop devoted to staying creative from home. There are no pretensions and newcomers are always welcome, so invite your friends to join! Each Drink & Draw [Virtual] features a new guest artist and a new theme or project that uses pencil, paper, and everyday household supplies. Don’t have a sketchbook? Hosts will help you improvise. Find us on Zoom, a free app for your phone or computer. And of course: BYOB! 

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