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Drink & Draw [VIRTUAL]: Rococo: Wearable Renditions

This September, Drink & Draw explores Rococo! We will be working through modern renditions of this artistic style featuring the classic elements of nature and floral patterns depicted through soft colors and curvy, botanical shapes.

Guest Artist: Grace Makuch

Originating in France during the 1730s, Rococo was an artistic style that sought to push the boundaries of the formal and geometric decorative style during that time. As an homage to that exceptionally ornamental style, Grace Makuch will walk us through a modern approach to Rococo by applying it’s whimsical design to clothing. For this event, she will be sharing the ornamental, abstracted elements of her artist practice by cutting out botanic shapes drawn on contact paper, applying them to t-shirts, and then bleaching those shapes into the fabric through bleach painting and drawing with bleach pens. Together, we will create unique wearables inspired by the art of Rococo with a modern twist.

Suggested Materials:

  • Blank T-shirts or any article of clothing or fabric
  • Bleach and bleach Pens

* Please work in a ventilated area due to bleach chemical fumes.

  • Paintbrushes
  • Contact Paper
  • Copy Paper
  • X-acto knife or scissors
  • Plastic bag to protect surfaces from bleach
  • Rubber Gloves

Optional Materials:

  • 3-D Fabric Paint
  • Fabric Markers
  • Reference images of anything strange you’ve taken a picture of on your phone.
  • A short list of the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had 🙂

Zoom Meeting ID: 88157316840

Drink & Draw [VIRTUAL] is a low-key drop-in workshop devoted to staying creative from home. There are no pretensions and newcomers are always welcome. Each event features a guest artist and a project that uses minimal supplies. Don’t have all the materials? Hosts will help you improvise. Find us on Zoom, a free app for your phone or computer. And of course: BYOB! 

$15 Suggested Donation: Pitch in to our Venmo Tip Jar (@spudnikpress) or donate on the website

This event is for everyone! ASR closed captions will be available. If you require another access service to fully participate or have any questions about accessibility, please contact Angee Lennard at angee@spudnikpress.org. To ensure the best experience, please try to contact us at your soonest convenience.