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Push & Pull: Steamroller Spectacular–Opening Reception

At times, we pull in our community. At times we push out our ideas, our visions, and our inclinations. This summer, Spudnik Press, and artist William Estrada, has brought together 200+ artists, students, and creative thinkers through various Chicago communities to reflect on how they and their communities “push and pull” physically, metaphorically, and politically. Each contributor hand carved a wood block, with imagery inspired by the Push & Pull theme. These blocks were then brought together to create banner-sized collaborative prints as part of Printers Ball 2015. These oversized prints, featuring art by as many as 84 artists, are much too large for a typical printing press. Instead, the pressure of a commercial steamroller was used to print each banner. These banners represent and pay tribute to the push and pull that is integral to a dynamic community. The culminating exhibition features a selection of the printed banners, as well as select individual prints.

On Saturday, July 25, Spudnik Press will host an opening celebration with live printing, a toast to the artists, and the opportunity to purchase the commemorative banners as well as individual prints.

The exhibition runs through August 12th. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5pm, or by appointment.

Participating Organizations:

Benito Juarez Community Academy Artime Club, SAIC Art Therapy Department, ArtReach at Lillstreet, Chicago Printmakers Guild, National Veterans Art Museum / YouMedia, South Chicago Art Center, Southside Hub of Production, Whitney Young High School, and Yollocalli.

Participating Independent Artists:

Erin Maresko, Emily Nie, Marilyn Propp, Heather Anderson, Meela Paloma, Christine Bespalec-Davis, Julie Cowan, Gaila MercadoElise Forer, Hannah Ireland, Megan Klawitter, Alex Kostiw, Jennifer Rich, Rogelio Rosiles, Judith Mayer, Steve Vidal, Lissette Martinez, Leonor Gallardo Hevia, Katie Moncton, Mary Serbe, Luthando W. Mazibuko, Amara Leipzig, Susannah Hera, Margaret McGill, Erika Valenciana, Salome Chasnoff, Miguel Delgado, Jaime Lockard, Maggie Piwowarczyk, Gloria Talamante, Jessica Caponigro, Tabor Shiles, Gabe Hoare, Liz Born, Nadine Nakanishi, Angelika Piwowarczyk, Liz WalkerCaroline Walp, Nicolette Ross, Pete Rangel, Erika VazzanaTara Zanzig, and more.

Photos by Leo Selvaggio