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Tenebris–Opening Reception

In Tenebris, James Bouché and Kyle Tata engage in the historically grounded practice of taking objects in the studio and translating them into finished works. Paired, the selected works reflect two distinct approaches to the task that are unified by maintaining the integrity and substance of their chosen subjects. Bouché takes a tangible, action-oriented approach by using the physical half tone pattern of mesh fabric as both a surface treatment and a positive for screen printing. The prints are systematically layered so that we witness the disorder and variation produced from that repetition. The source object is clear and simple, yet the results are abstract and optically complex.

The images emerging from Tata’s studio are instantly recognizable and informed by contemporary still lives. He crafts the atmosphere, clarity and composition to reflect each object’s unique qualities; a meticulous, yet hazy composition of a drink ring and wishbones, sharp concrete forms and a deep darkness with subtle fauna. In 2014, Tenebris displays two young artists’ addition to the extensive canon of studio observation and still life.