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The Wrong Story—Opening Reception

The Wrong Story is a solo exhibition of relief and silkscreen prints made while Aschman was Artist in Residence at Spudnik Press from March through May, 2014, and an accompanying stop-motion animation created from the printed works. Aschman employs symbolic motifs such as ropes, braids, ladders and hands, which through intuitive association form a fractured narrative about moments of convergence and separation between individuals. She embraces incoherence and ambiguity to communicate the fragmented and uneasy experience of encountering another person’s reality. Limbs detach, bodies open to reveal hidden objects, peculiar figures gather among stepped archways, hesitating to touch, in an endless loop with no discernable climax or resolution. The Wrong Story wavers at the frayed edges of a narrative, unraveling the artist’s desire for both connection and solitude.