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Spudnik Press Gears Up for Sweet Paper Dreams: 4th Annual Winter Art Sale

Spudnik’s 4th Annual Winter Art Sale is less than two weeks away, and our members, interns and staff are gearing up for the event in big ways! Our interns, Moon Bang and Margaret Hitch, have been hitting the streets with posters and postcards, designing custom screen-printed gift wrap, and collecting awesome artwork from our members to install in our first-ever Winter Art Sale Exhibition. This new exhibition features a diverse selection of over 75 affordable printed artworks by 24 of our members, showcases all of the processes offered at Spudnik Press, and continues through out the full month of December!

Meanwhile, the studio has also been busy with over 20 members producing new wares for the Pop-Up Sale on Friday, December 4. In addition to printed artwork, guests can expect to find neon sculptures, metal and found-object jewelry, stationery, notebooks, cards, calendars, tabletop sculptures, printed apparel and tote bags, as well as zines, artists books, and chapbooks released by our members.

The Winter Art Sale is known as a place to find not only handmade goods by local artists, but warm drinks (with and without alcohol), sweet baked goods made by our members, music, wintry decor and great company. Plus, guests who support our members by spending $50+ throughout the evening can even wrap their gifts with our own hand printed gift wrap! And Spudnik Press members are invited to come early for a special Preview and toast!

We hope to see you there!

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Exhibition Participants:

Julia Arredondo / Moon Bang / Angela Davis Fegan / Steve Gehm / Margaret Hitch / Germaine Jordan / Andrea Kaspryk / Carrie Lingscheit / Judith Mayer / Dutes Miller / Margaret McGill / Barlow Nelson / Angelika Piwowarczyk / George Porteus / Brad Rohloff / Hannah Ross / Nicolette Ross / Veronica Siehl / Olivia Tousius / Joanne Vena / Molly Whedbee/ Don Widmer / Miden Wood /  Tara Zanzig

Pop-up Sale Vendors:

Vice Versa Press, Julia Arredondo / Moon Bang / Jessica Cadwell / Perfectly Acceptable Press, Matt Davis / Bob Fields / Trixy Xchange, Marie Gouwens / Hannah Hischier / Margaret Hitch / Blac Lotus Artisan CollectiveGermaine Jordan / Andrea Kaspryk / Carrie Lingscheit / Griffin Miller /  Michelle Miller / Margaret McGill / Design by Angelika, Angelika Piwowarczyk / Bred Press, Brad Rohloff / Hannah Ross / Nicolette Ross / Little Otto Neptune Shop / Olivia Tousius / Molly Whedbee / Miden Wood




Call for Volunteers: Sweet Paper Dreams 4th Annual Winter Art Sale

On Friday, December 4th, Spudnik is hosting our 4th Annual Winter Art Sale.  We are seeking several volunteers to lend a hand in making this the most successful art sale yet! Volunteers will help with taking photos, running coat check, serving drinks, and more, plus will get to take in the festivities during our members-only preview event from 6-7pm.

View all of the volunteer options.  Add your name, email address and phone number for the shift you would like, or email us the same details.

If you have any questions, contact our Studio Assistant Interns Moon Bang and Margaret Hitch at

Sweet Paper Dreams: Member Art Sale Exhibition

This year’s winter art sale, Sweet Paper Dreams, features an exhibition of print-based work made by our members. All work in this exhibition is for sale.  Proceeds will directly benefit both Spudnik Press and the individual artists.

Hours through December 23, 2015:
Mondays: 6:00 – 10:00 pm
Tuesdays: 12:00 – 5:oo pm
Wednesdays: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Thursdays: 12:00 – 5:00 pm AND 6:00 – 10:00 pm
Fridays: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Featured Artists:

Julia Arredondo / Moon Bang / Angela Davis Fegan / Steve Gehm / Margaret Hitch / Germaine Jordan / Andrea Kaspryk / Angee Lennard / Carrie Lingscheit / Judith Mayer / Dutes Miller / Margaret McGill / Barlow Nelson / Angelika Piwowarczyk / George Porteus / Brad Rohloff / Hannah Ross / Nicolette Ross / Joanne Vena / Molly Whedbee / Don Widmer / Miden Wood /  Tara Zanzig


12/1/2015 – 12/31/2015


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Sweet Paper Dreams: 4th Annual Winter Art Sale

Friday December 4th, 2015
7:00 – 10:00 pm


Spud Picks: Hand Job: A Labor of Love

Hand Job: A Labor of Love
By The Adventure School for Ladies
Published by Pressing Concern Books

October Spud Pick

Hand Job: A Labour of Love is an anthology of comics inspired by statistics on the depiction of women and transgendered people in comics and their presence as creators. This anthology was created through the Adventure School for Ladies, an experimental grad program founded by activist and writer Anne Elizabeth Moore that explores gender, cultural production, political engagement, and social divisions. Hand Job: A Labour of Love was written and published in 2012 during a two-week collaborative comics intensive within the Adventure School. The cover of this anthology was printed here at Spudnik as a part of this program!

The short comics presented in this book explore the difficulties of being a woman or transgendered artist in a variety of ways, from personal narratives to accounts of historical events. The stories told are at times funny, sad and informative. For those who feel frustrated by the male domination of the art world, especially in comics, this book will offer a sympathetic voice, as well as some illuminating thoughts on gender, politics and culture!

You can find Hand Job: A Labor of Love in the Small Press Library in the Annex.

Sweet Paper Dreams: 4th Annual Winter Art Sale: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCT. 28!


Calling all members! It’s time once again for the annual winter art sale at Spudnik Press. This year the festivities will consist of two parts: an ongoing exhibition and a one-night pop-up sale that exclusively features artwork by our members. Members are free to participate in the exhibition, the pop-up sale or both.

Spudnik Press will retain a commission of 25% on all works sold in the exhibition and the pop-up sale. When pricing your work, consider that in the past, artworks priced under $50 have sold the best at this event. However, you may price your work as you see fit.

Sign Up to Participate

The Exhibition

December 1 – 31, 2015
Artwork Drop off: By November 25, 2015
Maximum Print Dimensions: 45″x34″
No entry fee to participate

The exhibition is for printed artworks, is not juried and is open to all members.  Work will be displayed salon style in the Annex throughout the month of December. Members can submit a maximum of 5 prints for the exhibition, and are encouraged to bring up to 3 copies of each work.

Spudnik will handle the sale of all artwork throughout the month. For works that are smaller than 30” x 40” Spudnik Press will provide a clear plastic bag for packaging. Participants are encouraged to prepare and provide backing materials for their work.

The Pop-Up Sale

December 4, 7-10pm
Table Set-Up: Day of
$20 Refundable Deposit required to participate

Join us for a night of art, treats, and reveries! This one-night Pop-Up Sale will be held on Dec 4th with a members-only preview and celebration before the event from 6-7pm.

Artists who participate in the pop-up sale will be assigned one of 16 tables spaces in the printshop and Annex on which to display and sell their work. These spaces will range in size from 2’ x 3’ to 3’ x 5’.  Some participants will share sections of large tables. Spaces will be assigned according to information that participants provide about the size of and amount of work they plan to sell.

Participants in the pop-up sale are free to sell any type of handmade artworks or items including but not limited to apparel, zines, books, stationery, jewelry etc. Participants need to provide their own packaging for their items. Spudnik will handle payment and even offer special gift-wrapping for buyers!

The entry fee for the pop-up sale is a $20 deposit, which will be applied to the 25% commission. Artists will be paid out at the end of the night.

 This entry fee can be paid online here.

Please fill out the form below to participate in the pop-up sale, exhibition or both.

Sign Up to Participate

Please direct any questions you may have to
Happy Printing! We’re really looking forward to this event.


-Moon Bang and Margaret Hitch
Studio Assistant Interns