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Spudraiser 2021: Staff Skill Share Watch Party

Our Staff Skill Share is part of our Spudraiser 2021 Annual Benefit. Embracing that education is baked into every aspect of our organization, our staff has created the ultimate Skill Share: Join the Watch Party to learn six new skills from the fine folks who run the studio day in day out, or download the recording for when you are ready to try out a reduction print, make a handmade pillow, or cook up a French crepe!

Donations of any amount provide our studio with a balanced diet of ink and paper. Donors who contribute $25+ to directly support our work will receive our downloadable Staff Skill Share and invitation to the Watch Party on Monday, October 18. Get to know the team as we indulge you in six skills to help you in the print studio and the kitchen!

  • Paper Cutting with Yang Pulongbarit-Cuevo
  • Pysanky Eggs with Angee Lennard
  • Reduction Block Printing with Amanda Hoopingarner
  • Mosaics with Grace Makuch
  • Sewing Essentials with Breanna Robinson
  • Crepes with Jessica Eanes

Make a Donation. Save Your Seat

(Donation $25+ to receive an invitation to the virtual Watch Party and a link to download the Skill Share video)

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