William Estrada

William’s art and teaching is a collaborative discourse of existing images, text, and politics that appoints the audience to critically re-examine public and private spaces. As a teacher, artist, and cultural worker he reports, records, reveals, and amplifies experiences you find in academic books, school halls, teacher lounges, kitchen tables, barrios, college campuses, and in the conversations of close friends to engage in radical imagination. William is currently engaging in collaborative work with the Mobilize Creative Collaborative, Chicago ACT Collective, and Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative.



Bob Fields


I am an artist, sculptor and sometimes printmaker based in Chicago. The work I make interrogates issues of social justice, memory, wonder and doubt. I work with a mix of media: wood, fiber, plastic, paper, paint, rope, tape… cutting, folding, rolling, layering, and binding in the construction of my assemblages. Materials that are adaptable, portable… hard, soft, ephemeral. My most recent body of work concerns issues of exile, home and related traumas.



Kristen A. Hartman

Gute & Berg Press

MFA Book Arts Graduate from the University of Iowa Center for the Book and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ukraine 2011-2013) // Maker of things, purveyor of words.

Services Offered:

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Printmaking Commissions



Ally Hembree

Studio Fellow 2019

Ally Hembree is a printmaker focused in screen printing, relief, and polyester plate lithography. She has a B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in Communication Studies from the University of Puget Sound. The subject matter of Ally’s work is heavily influenced by the environment in which she creates. While at the University of Puget Sound, she connected her critical interest in film media with her printmaking. Her senior thesis, Moments, inspired by the unforgiving Pacific Ocean, was an installation of 40+ polyester plate lithographs. Artist Anida You Ali awarded Ally the 2018 Student Art Show Juror Prize for her print, Power Based Violence, a catalogue of media produced by Harvey Weinstein. Currently, Ally is focused on incorporating the unforgiving Chicago cityscape into her print making practice.

Image: Ally Hembree, Selection from collection Moments, Polyester Plate Lithography, 2018

Classes by this Artist:

First Impressions: Ally Hembree | Linoleum Block Printing

Products by this Artist:

Aaron Hughes

I am an artist, curator, organizer, teacher, anti-war activist, and Iraq War veteran living in Chicago. ​I work collaboratively in diverse spaces and media to create meaning out of personal and collective trauma, deconstruct and transform systems of oppression, and seek liberation. Working through an interdisciplinary practice rooted in drawing and printmaking, I develop projects that deconstruct militarism and related institutions of dehumanization. These projects often utilize popular research strategies, experiment with forms of direct democracy, and operate in solidarity with the people most impacted by structural violence.

I work with a variety of art and activist projects including: Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, About Face: Veterans Against the War, and the emerging Veteran Art Movement.



Residency Period:

Mar 2021–Apr 2021