2017 Classes & Workshops: 28 Opportunities to be Creative at Spudnik Press Cooperative

Whether we like it or not, the year is winding down and at Spudnik Press, we are turning our attention to 2017 and another energetic year of making prints with our community! While each person that comes to the studio has their own goals, ambitions, and motivations, we all can rally behind the possibilities of printmaking as a creative outlet and a tool for community building.

Our 12 new classes and 16 new workshops present a wide array of opportunities for everyone from first-time artmakers to Spudnik alumni. Take a look at our new schedule. Sign yourself up. Or consider gifting a class or workshop to a friend who needs to spend more time being creative….

Brand New Super Special Classes: This Winter Only!

The Artist Book: Design & Construction NEW
Saturday Morning Zine Club  NEW
The Great Pronto Plate: Polymer Plate Lithography NEW

Giftable  DIY Workshops:

T-Shirts & Totebags Screenprinting Workshop
DIY Greeting Cards: Letterpress Printing
Illustrative Lettering: Combing Word & Image NEW
DIY Valentines: Screenprint Your Own Cards
Make Your Own Wall Art: Chicago Edition  NEW
DIY Letterpress Coasters
DIY Screenprinted Tea Towels

Core Classes & Workshops: Learn to Print at Spudnik Press:

Relief Printmaking
Screenprinting Explorations
Risography 101
Letterpress I: Wood and Metal Type
Printmaking Foundations

Build on Prior Skills: Special Topics and Intermediate Classes:

Offset Printing: High Speed Print Production
Screenprinting Refresher
Color Theory for Screenprinters
Risography 201: From Pre-Press to Publication (details forthcoming) NEW
Photoshop for Printmakers
Letterpress Finesse
Adobe Illustrator for Printmakers  NEW

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