Photoshop for Printmakers

Not everyone needs to be a Photoshop expert. With that said, there are many benefits of understanding the software and knowing a few tricks that come in handy as a printmaker. Our one-day workshop will arm even the most “non­techy” person with digital arsenal of skills needed to transform drawings, photographs, and found images into their next great idea.

Through hands-on file editing, students will practice using a variety of Photoshop tools to 1) help plan and visualize multilayer prints and 2) edit files to create crisp darkroom-ready stencils.

For example, students will better understand color modes and when to use each of them (CMYK, Greyscale, Bitmap and Duotone). Students will learn tricks for separating an image into multiple layers and adjusting contrast, levels and curves to create high-contrast black and white images from scanned drawings. Students will learn how to add trapping to their artwork and how to create an on-screen approximation of what their artwork might look like as ink on paper.

Students will use their own computers* with Creative Suite. This workshop focuses on digital “pre-press” file editing. Students will not be creating prints during the workshop.

Need to learn Adobe Illustrator too? Sign up for Illustrator for Printers on April 9!

*Please email staff prior to registering if you do not have a laptop with creative suite. A limited number of students may be able to use onsite computers.