Saturday Morning Zine Club

Saturday Morning Zine Club is an opportunity to explore the expansive world of self-published zines with a supportive and creative group of peers. Teaching Artist, Leila Abdelrazaq, approaches alternative comix and zines as a medium for storytelling and community building, and invites her students to do the same.

Throughout Zine Club, students will develop their illustration, narration, personal style and page layout, and use these skills to augment the themes within their work. As the class progresses, students will explore the possibilities that come with handcrafted production. Through considering the paper type, color pallet, foldouts or interactive elements, each student will create publications that integrate form and function.

Each session will begin with generative warm-up activities, discussions, and the chance to interact with a wide array of zines. Throughout the class, each student will produce two publications. First, students will warm up by creating and trading a single-sheet, foldable mini-zine. Next, students will develop a longer quarter-page or half-page zine. This final project will put to use lessons on conceptualizing, sketching, inking, formatting, pagination, reproduction, and binding methods.

Special Bonus: The Zine Club will head to Chicago Zine Fest on Saturday, May 6 for an unofficial 9th week of immersion into the world of self-publishing!