Risography 201: From Pre-Press to Publication

Risography 201 provides an in-depth and hands-on opportunity to better understand not only the mechanics of the risograph machine, but how to develop projects that take advantage of these mechanics.

Through each student completing their own project using their own designs, students will practice creating separations for multicolor images, setting up files for print, and ultimately executing the print. By looking at various printmaking styles, methods for designing for print, and industrial printmaking practices, students will find the ways that works best for them to adapt their artwork for risography. Plus, students will become familiar with cool print jargon like “imposition”, “duplexing”, “color profiles” and “channels”!

During three fast-paced weeks, students will create one collaborative print that focuses on registration, trapping and color mixing and one personal project that could be a short booklet, fine art print, or other paper object. Because the best way to learn is to log time running the machine (and we only have one machine), tuition includes a complimentary Open Studio season to make sure everyone has time to complete their project.

Previous experience operating a Risograph machine is required. If you do not have experience printing at Spudnik Press, please check with staff (info@spudnikpress.org) prior to registering.