Letterpress Finesse

After completing a Letterpress I or Letterpress II, students can elevate their skills by devising a larger project to focus on throughout this eight-week course. Helping push students from concept and design through to the completion of an extensive project, students will have ample opportunity to finesse skills learned in previous classes. Projects might take the form of a bound poetry chapbook, a collection of greeting cards, a series of gig posters, or suite of wedding invitations. Projects may incorporate handset type, polymer plates, monoprinting, or a combination of these techniques.

The first day kicks of with peers sharing their project ideas, sketching concepts, brainstorming creative and technical solutions, and developing a project plan. Following weeks focus on setting type, design, plate making, printing technique, press maintenance, with demos, discussions, and sharing of artwork based on the needs of the students.

In progress critiques will push the work to remain on target, and be smart, aesthetically interesting, and engaging. Students will graduate Letterpress Finesse with a better understanding of typography, honed printing skills, and professional craftsmanship. Enrollment is limited to 6 students.