B Ingrid Olson

B Ingrid Olson received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. Since then she has taken a print installation class at Ox-bow School of Art and has been participating in open studio print nights at Spudnik.



Residency Period:

Jun 2013–Aug 2013

Project Statement:

Interested in the concept of slowing down time, Ingrid Olson enlarges her works in an attempt to make small moments less manageable. Her process begins by enlarging original grease pencil drawings which carry the slight texture of paper through the mark making. The combination of the size and medium used to create her images has the inability to convey specifics, leaving the viewer with a disorienting lack of detail. “I want to expand and extend the experience of feeling the ineffable and noticing the unnoticeable.”, says Olson. The act of viewing her work is slowed by the fuzzy manner, but also because the larger the image, the harder it is to take it all in at once and in order to understand, the viewer must look longer. During her residency, Olson completed a series of singular screen printed drawings, enlarged from smaller charcoal drawings. They were printed on canvas, ranging in size and loosely related in narrative content. Exhibition of her work created during the residency is forthcoming.


Small Press and Comics Symposium, Pilsen’s Chicago Art Department (CAD), March, 2011

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