Dawn Gettler

Dawn Gettler received her MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University in 2006. Since then, she has actively been traveling and creating new work at residencies throughout the country, including Artspace in Raleigh, NC and ART342 in Fort Collins, CO.



Residency Period:

Mar 2011–May 2011

Project Statement:

Many of our daily actions are habitual and mundane. Dawn Gettler examines how sustainable and fulfilling these mundane actions can be. Saying “thank you”, replying “you’re welcome” are actions we take because we have been conditioned to. Gettler questions our ability to live with this compliance in social relationships and the sugar-coated and contrived dialogs that are expressed. She wonders at her own ability to be compliant, at the control compliance exerts over her understanding of ideals.She questions these behaviors by making multiples, a meditative and sometimes unpleasant task. I take these multiples and install them into a space where the work can affect and be effected by the viewer. Often the viewer will simply walk on and through the spaces. “My intention is for these ephemeral installations to create spaces in the viewer’s visual and experiential memory,” says Gettler. During her residency, Gettler printed a series of wallpapers that became a component of multiple installations she created in her studio practice. In addition to creating large space-specific work, she completed a small series of intaglio prints to compliment and inform her sculptural installations.

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