Victoria Martinez

Victoria Martinez is a transdisciplinary artist and educator from Chicago who explores installation art, site-specific experiments, screenprinting, and painting. She believes in chance and intuition, creating projects for galleries and ephemeral experiences in the urban environment. Martinez works with vibrant colors; pattern based textiles, and overlooked items, sewing them together to create fresh perspectives. She has exhibited at Northwestern University, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago Cultural Center, the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, and the Arts Incubator. Upcoming projects include group exhibitions at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Roots and Culture, and a solo exhibition at Washington State University.

Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Illustration


Residency Period:

Sep 2012–Dec 2012

Project Statement:

Victoria Martinez is interested in structures of mixed media ephemeral collages. Her objectives are to establish urban environmental interventions within abandoned spaces, on her own and in collaboration with the people who live in close proximity to these spaces. These urban interventions ultimately culminate with performances that are directly related to the art work(s). While in residence, Victoria Martinez has created an edition of vibrant screenprints on paper. During her residency she created work based on the trips between her Pilsen apartment and Spudnik Press in the Ukrainian Village. Inspired by text, found objects and urban detritus, Martinez created ephemeral collages that give a second life and greater meaning to previously discarded materials.