Devin Owsley-Aquilia

Devin Owsley-Aquilia is a visual artist with great interests in printmaking, drawing, fibers and painting. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, she moved to Milwaukee to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she received her BFA in printmaking  in 2015. Her work in print involves various abstracted representations of anatomical form, material and growth that are used as personal symbols of progression and transition of identity. She has recently relocated to Chicago to further challenge her work in printmaking.


Residency Period:

Sep 2015–Dec 2015

Project Statement:

During this three month residency, I would like to work on a series of intaglio prints. In the past, I’ve always been interested in the variable print when working on an etching project using chine collé, a la poupé inking and other experimental monotype methods. For the past year I have been fascinated with the spitbite aquatint technique in combination with line work. The most intriguing part of this process are the subtle shifts that this technique allows in the image. For this project I would like to extend what I already know and make a series of edition-able, multiple plate prints allowing a larger color palette range. Being in this mode of working on multiple plates, I’m interested in how the image will develop through process, as well as challenge/ extend knowledge of color, form and printing skills.