Sanya Glisic


Residency Period:

Sep 2010–Nov 2010

Project Statement:

Struwwelpeter, first published in Germany in 1844, contains ten cautionary tales for children, each one with a clear moral and overly exaggerated consequences for misbehavior. In one parable, a mother warns her son not to suck his thumbs. The son continues his habit. A tailor with giant scissors joins the scene, and the story heads in a dreadful direction. Artist and Illustrator Sanya Glisic, while a Resident Artist at Spudnik Press Cooperative, created a new version with whimsical and playful illustrations that capture the dark, often morbid sensibilities of the tales.

Classes by this Artist:

Printmaking Survey: Screenprinting, Relief, Lithography
Printmaking Survey: Screenprinting, Relief, Lithography (Fall 2014)
Screenprinting Explorations (WI2015)
Screenprinting Explorations (SU2015)
Illustration 201: Shape, Texture and Experimentation

Products by this Artist: