Hale Ekinci

Collage and techniques of transference are integral to my multidisciplinary practice. As an immigrant female artist, my work deals with acculturation, hybrid identity, and ideas about gendered labor. Using solvent photo transfers, painting, embroidery, and crochet, I create colorful compositions where figures and ornamentation intermingle to complicate identity, formal domination, hierarchy, and the value assigned to women’s work.  Influenced by Islamic ornamentation, my visual language references a mixture of coded symbolism such as oya  (lace edging that traditionally contained meaning in the patterns on a headdress) and kilim rug symbols.



Residency Period:

Jul 2022–Aug 2022

Project Statement:

As a resident at Spudnik Press, I plan to continue my mixed-media works on textiles and add printmaking to my visual vocabulary. I have a range of processes I would like to experiment with to expand my mixed-media mark-making. I plan to use silkscreen printing and transparent inks instead of solvent photo transfer, which would allow me to layer and play with colors while reducing toxic exposure. I will also use linocut motifs to create repeated patterns and textile materials to make impressions for monotypes. I have a collection of textiles, mostly from thrift stores and my dowry* that I want to use to translate onto surfaces. After printing on fabric and/or paper, I will layer embroidery and hand painting as I typically do in my work.