Yasi Moussavi

Yasaman Moussavi is a visual artist and art instructor. She holds an MFA with two emphases on Painting and Printmaking from Texas Tech University, where she explored and developed her skills in papermaking, printmaking, and installation art. Her work reflects the spiritual attachment to places and the emotional tension between today’s precarious living and the Persian’s poetic tradition of “living in harmony with nature.” Her works have have been displayed in many national and international solo and group exhibitions. She is a co-founder of Didaar Art Collective, a Chicago -based Iranian art community. She works and live in Chicago.


Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Printmaking Commissions



Residency Period:

Sep 2017–Dec 2017

Project Statement:

During this residency, my aim is to translate human experiences of transition and displacement into a visual language by creating a series of prints made out of textured hand-made papers, such as kenaf and other natural materials. I would like to create a body of work based on my personal journey from my home country, Iran, to the U.S., and explore the feelings associated with being in between places. My final exhibition will consist of etchings that depict creatures entangled in a natural space. I want to explore the ties between individual and environment, and unearth emotions, associations, and memories that one attaches to physical spaces to discover the abiding bond between nature and us.

Classes by this Artist:

Community Workshop: Handmade Paper: Adventures with Pulp, Embedding, and Laminating
Papermaking (Sept 2017)
Papermaking: Pulp, Sculpt and Print
Papermaking: Pulp Painting (July)