Elizabeth Rose

My practice as an artist begins with the study and research of parallel places and ecosystems. My work emphasizes ecological patterns shared globally across continents, regions, and landforms. I am interested in how connections between disparate sites can reveal similar habitats which have subsequently receded or shifted over time, informing us about changes occurring in the past and present.

Referencing my own experiences traveling through altitudinal zones to alpine areas, and across latitudinal lines, I create work which connects geographically disconnected landscapes focusing on their shared ecologies: how each site is connected through climatic shifts, soil qualities, and habitat range. I repetitively rework traditional copperplate matrices, often in combination and collage with photo-lithography, and photography to extract observations, uncovering cultural and natural histories.



Residency Period:

May 2022–May 2022

Project Statement:

Working with intaglio, relief, and risography processes, I will produce a series of unique and editioned works on paper based on my recent experiences living in Poland. I am interested in ecological shifts as they relate to Northern latitudes within the broader global context, with specific attention to the correlation between Poland's landscape and the United States. I will work from my photographic archive along with bright and colorful resource materials I collected while in Poland to create my new work at Spudnik Press.