Alexandra Antoine

My process begins with memory, photography and storytelling. I reflect on my time spent in Léogâne, Haiti, the birthplace of my parents, during my childhood and my time there as an adult. I focus on the conversations I had with the elders in my immediate family where knowledge of lineage, wisdom and laughter were all shared with me. I often flip through the photographs in my personal album that I’ve taken of my family members that serve as archival reference materials for my own work.

Moving in the direction of traditional practices has lead me back to a familial practice I first learned through my maternal grandfather, farming. I question how the farm can serve as an art studio and the greater relationship between food and art and what that means for black communities. Through the medium of collage I combine black models with produce to create another outlook of viewing blackness, one that takes into account those tools we already have and at the same time connecting two communities, artist and farmers in conversation.

Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Illustration


Residency Period:

Jul 2021–Aug 2021

Products by this Artist: