Hannah Ireland

Hannah Ireland combines an array of drawing, painting and print processes to create enigmatic work inspired by her memories of experiences hiking and exploring natural places, most recently remote parts of Australia, Spain, and Portugal.

Hannah became a Spudnik member in 2013 and has represented Spudnik at Citizen Schools as a volunteer teacher and was the Artist in Residence during the Fall of 2013. Hannah has a BFA in Printmaking/Drawing from Washington University in St. Louis.



Residency Period:

Sep 2013–Nov 2013

Project Statement:

Hannah Ireland’s residency at Spudnik Press is based on exploring and creating around a hiking trip in Spain and Portugal in the summer of 2013 – specifically walking portions of the long distance hiking track the GR11, which follows the peak of the Pyrenees, and El Camino de Santiago del Norte, a pilgrimage route along the northern coast of Spain to Santiago de Compostela. “I’m interested,” Ireland says “in how recognizable imagery from nature and the actual locations I visited – which are tangible, real, and lasting – will combine with abstracted imagery from the subjective memory of my experience there – which is intangible, enigmatic and changes as time passes.” Using sketches, writing, postcards and photographs from her trip as reference material, Ireland will create a series of unique mixed media print/drawings that utilize engraving, etching, xerox transfer, monotype, pen and ink, and watercolor. Some of these prints will be cut up and reconstructed into experimental tunnel book structures.

Products by this Artist: