Lilli Carré

Carré received her BFA in 2006 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives and works in Chicago. Since her residency she has appeared in numerous shows in Chicago and Illustrated for clients that include: Penguin Classics, This American Life, HarperCollins and Chicago Reader.


Residency Period:

Mar 2010–May 2010

Project Statement:

Lilli Carré’s work is motivated by the act of storytelling that causes a straying from reality. She is interested in how the retelling of a story over time changes it and becomes an invented past rather then a true one- this softening of memory is a central focus of her work. Through the media of animation, installation, print or comics Carré creates a narrative thread. Her narratives frequently feature nature overwhelming or consuming a person and strained human relationships that veer into a magical realism or absurdity. During her time at Spudnik Carré self published a hard cover handbound book titled Don’t Drink From the Sea. She also created a simple yet delightful accordion fold book titled My Dreams Have Been Quite Strange Lately. Finally, she printed several stand alone screen prints: Household, Rooted, Spores, and an untitled print. In her prints, Carré layers flat translucent colors to create the ghostly figures that float through her narratives. In the simple accordion-fold book, My Dreams Have Been Quite Strange Lately, a man imagines a naked woman appearing next to him on the train. Her red hips lean against his blue coat making a rich purple color where the two overlap. In the handmade book, Don’t Drink from the Sea, Carré depicts a hot summer evening in the city where people sweat so much it forms a pond and pale green figures swim through deep blue water. In both works, Carré uses the ability to adjust the transparency of the ink to tell a story about the fragility of the human form.


New Chicago Comics, MCA, January, 2011 Review: Lilli Carré/Spudnik Press , Newcity Art New Chicago Comics, ArtSlant

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