Papermaking: Pulp Painting (July)

Pulp painting is a low-pressure and experimental papermaking method in which dyed pulp is applied to freshly pulled sheets of paper. As the pulp dries, the dyed fibers bonds with the base pulp to create a unified image this blends painting and papermaking.   

In this workshop, many techniques will be shared that combine freestyle painting and stenciling. Through “drawing” with bottled pulp and applying pulp with spoons, brushes, and every day materials, paper makers can create expressive or controlled images and patterns. Hard edges and clean lines can be produced with the help of hand-cut stencils. Plus simple inclusions like string and newspaper clippings can add yet another dimension to the paper.

Anyone who likes to dabble with new art-making processes will be able to learn a new non-toxic technique that can incorporated into handmade prints, paintings, artist books, installations, and endless craft projects.

Paper will be ready to be picked up two days following the workshop.