Papermaking (Sept 2017)

Papermaking can be used as a catalyst for bookmaking, printmaking and drawing, as well as an art form all in its own. During this workshop, participants will learn to make unique handmade paper sheets using pulp made with both natural fibers and recycled paper. After forming basic sheets of paper with a mould and deckle, students can explore paper texture, stenciling, and debossing through couching their sheets on various surfaces.

Everyone will be able to customize their project by adding “inclusions” to their sheets like scraps from prints, photographs, drawings, petals, or thread.

Are you a printmaker? Relief printmaking plates can even be used to emboss paper and push the sculptural element of papermaking!

Everyone will leave the workshop with a set of 5+ sheets of handmade paper and a foundation in low-tech non-toxic papermaking that is infinitely expandable and requires limited access to special facilities, and can be incorporated into classroom settings.

This is a wet process, so dress down for this workshop. Please bring along scrap prints, old printmaking plates, clippings, etc. to experiment with.