Printmaking Survey: Screenprinting, Relief, Lithography (Fall 2014)

Experiment with three unique printmaking processes in one class. Screenprinting, relief, and lithography offer three distinct ways to translate images to a new medium. With each process inducing its own aesthetic, this class offers abundant opportunities for artists and creative people to learn a new process to elevate their sketches and designs. Through this class, students will understand ink properties of both oil- and water-based inks, and will have experimented with a variety mark-making approaches and tools. In combination, these processes can open new possibilities for artists, writers, and folks who want to learn a new way to make art. Printmaking Survey classescan act as either a general introduction to everything Spudnik has to offer, or a refresher course for artists who have previous experience. This class can be taken independently or in conjunction with Printmaking Survey: Monoprinting, Etching, Letterpress.