Illustration 201: Shape, Texture and Experimentation

What makes a great illustration? Illustrations have the capacity to tell a story and to suggest many layers of meaning within a single image. Illustrations can evoke the senses, the physiological and the emotional, representing more than a simple scene or setting, but a rich and complex experience.

This workshop will set aside the most traditional drawing tools in favor of alternative and found materials. String, colored tape, fabric, paper bits and more… Focusing on shape, texture, and collage, students will experiment, work spontaneously and discover innovative ways to approach illustration and design. With the goal of breaking old habits, prompts and exercises will help students push their personal style and create rich and compelling illustrations.

The approaches, projects and ideas presented in this workshop can enhance illustration across many mediums. So regardless of what you design for (comics, zines, posters, web, children’s books, home goods, you name it), you will leave this workshop with an array of visual explorations ready to help spark your next art project.