Spudnik Press Cooperative has 4 permanent staff. Our Board of Directors works closely with staff to guide overall policy and direction. Each year, we work with 4 Fellows who monitor our open studio program, and approximately 25 teaching artists.

Our Member Directory highlights the amazing community of artists involved with Spudnik Press Cooperative.

Adrienne Quint


HR Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art
Board Member since: 2016

Michael LoGuidice

Director, Treasurer

CPA, CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC
Board Member since: 2015

TJ Veneris

Director, Secretary

Director of Development, DePaul University
Board Member since: 2015

Betsy Stout

Betsy Stout is a simple trash person from the subrural cornfields outside of Indianapolis. She is currently living in Chicago where she puts fake frosting on takeout cups and eats donuts with her dog, her bakery coworkers, or by herself. She makes pictures, things, and cakes with pastel colors and hyper-effeminate imagery to challenge the status of ‘girly’ aesthetics, using languages of fluff and delicacy to address more complex meanings.


Project Statement:

I'd like to continue a project that has been in progress since late 2014, a series of large scale combination drawing/silkscreen works featuring self-identified effeminate males in the American Midwest. This project was launched with help from the Southern Graphics Council Undergraduate Fellowship in 2014, and so far I have been able to create and exhibit 4 portraits. Two more are in progress since the exhibition in April 2016. The current portraits and those in progress are slated to be exhibited at Butler University in the Spring 2017 semester.

The current works incorporate screen print, drawing, and sculptural acrylic ‘frosting’ to explore the physicality, fashion, sexualities, and performative expressions of these individuals who have found a way to express their alternative gender identities with pride in the fairly restrictive social environment of the midwest. This project currently focuses on individuals who identify as masculine-of-center, but who feel some pull towards femininity. So far this has included cissexual men, transmasculine and nonbinary individuals, and women who have identified primarily with a masculine presence. I work with pastel colors and hyper-effeminate imagery to challenge the status of ‘girly’ aesthetics in the hierarchy of taste, using languages of fluff and delicacy to address more complex meanings. The portraits celebrate bravery in identity but also frivolity, hinting at a post-queer world where gender identity is an aesthetic choice and no longer a political action.

Yasaman Moussavi

Yasaman Moussavi Born in Tehran’ Iran. Yasaman is a current fellow artist at spudnik press. She holds an MFA degree with two emphasis in Painting and Print making From Texas Tech University. She also has a Master Degree in “Art Studies” from Tehran University in Iran. Moussavi received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting with honors for her final art project and thesis from the Tehran, Iran.

Artist Statement: Time acquires its meaning as life begins to act, to cease, to wait, and to rest and then to begin again. I find it amusing that this unceasing cycle often translates past stories into our personal experiences and vice versa. I seek to develop a dialogue between the medium of print, Persian mystic literature, and my personal experiences .

Services Offered:

  • Printmaking commissions
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Illustration


Project Statement:

My proposed project “The Frame of Mind” aims to explore print as a medium of anachronistic narration. I seek to develop a dialogue between the medium of print, Persian mystic literature, and my personal experiences regarding the notion of time. In my past installation “Shadow Facing the Light” (2015), I produced monotype prints on large pieces of fabric that hung throughout the exhibition space, to create an encompassing space in which time was experienced via movement through the maze of large prints. In "The Frame of Mind," however, I plan to make an installation of a series of small-scale prints using intaglio, screen printing, and photo transfer techniques on 7”x10” paper, and put them together as a united body of individual prints. With this installation, the prints again sculpt a space in which the narration emerges through the movements and interaction of the viewer. By layering, covering, and dislocating traditional elements of the story, I offer a visual palimpsest in which the future and the present are constructed in an ongoing negotiation, appropriation, and reinterpretation of the past. Unlike a simple correlation between text and visual elements in the story, I am looking for an alternative in which I explore an emotion which generated from collecting the elements of all time at once. Time acquires its meaning as life begins to act, to cease, to wait, and to rest and then to begin again. I find it amusing that this unceasing cycle often translates past stories into our personal experiences and vice versa.

Carolina Martinez

Carolina Martinez is an artist and graphic designer who works mainly on print media, illustration and book arts. She has worked in commercial print graphic design alongside more personal artistic projects.

Working mainly on acrylic paintings, she creates illustrations and sketches about both private and universal references of miniature worlds that reflect her everyday, scratching and adding layers in order to give expression to her own perceptions of what is real and what is fantasy.

Carolina Martinez (born in 1983) is from Bogota, Colombia.


Project Statement:

As a recent immigrant, I’ve been struggling to find a place that I can confidently call home. I moved to the United States over a year ago and have been deliberately processing my experience through the creative process.

Over the last five months I’ve been exploring the idea of home through a series of acrylic paintings that use the metaphor of a soil sample as a way to illustrate a deeper understanding of the meaning of home. A soil sample is the term used in geology to describe a portion of the earth that is extracted and then studied to test the quality of the soil.

I have created a series of illustrations of small universes that reflect places, cities and countries I have lived in. I want to translate all the visual language from the acrylic paintings into printed media, as a way to explore different colors, textures and narratives for that imagery, and collect them within a printed book that intends to answer the following questions:

-What is home?
-Where is home located?
-What does home looks like?
-Who do you share home with?
-What is the difference between your past/present/future home?

Mary Climes

Mary Climes is a recent graduate from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work revolves around the humorous narratives of awkward lives,  gross representations of middle school and her complicated love of Cathy comics. Her recently self published works include “We’re All Fine” (Spring 2016), and “Please Insert Anything” (Summer 2016).


Project Statement:

For my time in Spudnik press I would like to focus on creating a screen-printed artist book project. Much of my comics work revolves around small town life, characters in communities and their interactions with each other. I want to create a set of materials of various structures and sizes that feed into a central narrative of a small town amidst an unnamed tragedy. I have begun this project as part of an independent study with Chicago artist Paul Nudd, who has been mentoring me through the visual side as well as the overall themes in the narrative. By the end of the project I plan on having an edition of 50 to 100 sets of this collection. My influences for this project are Chris Ware’s Building Stories, Nick Drnaso’s Beverly, and the use of print in Lilli Carre’s various artist books.

Bianca Marks


Enthusiastic Marketing Manager with 10+ years of proven expertise driving brand awareness through compelling campaigns and multi-channel communications integrating social media, website content, public relations material, advertising, media, and team collaboration. Adept at event planning and project management as well as building mutually beneficial partnerships with various stakeholders including business and community partners. Well-versed with guiding effective campaigns from conception to fruition using strategies to get the attention of the target audience.

Stephen DeSantis


Originally from Rhode Island, Stephen studied and worked in New York as commercial still-life photographer for twenty-six years (including commuting between NY and Paris for two years) for clients including Estee Lauder, The Wall Street Journal, NYC MTA and People Magazine. In 2008, he moved to Chicago to earn his MFA in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago. In Chicago, Stephen has curated exhibitions including a moving CTA train car for “Art on Track”, “Hearts-a-Bluhm” on Michigan Avenue and co-curated the “Marilyn Sward: Speaking in Paper” exhibition. As Director of Academic Initiatives at Columbia College Chicago, he managed special projects including exhibitions of faculty and student work, conferences, and the Art + Activism program and student organization. Stephen’s photographs and artists’ books have been exhibited internationally including at the Seoul Artists’ Book Fair, Printworks Gallery in Chicago and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. His work is included in the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection and the University of Iowa Library Special Collection.

Bert Green


Bert Green is the director of Bert Green Fine Art gallery in Chicago. He graduated from New York University in 1982, after which he remained in Manhattan, working with arts organizations during this noteworthy and particularly fertile period for artistic innovation and experimentation in Soho and the East Village. In the 1990’s, he spent eight years working within the non-profit sector in San Francisco as a curator during a time of transition and expansion in the dot-com sector that had a significant impact on technology and the arts. Bert moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to open his first gallery. There he was instrumental in cultivating community awareness and organizing events that enlisted the participation of local public and private arts institutions. He subsequently relocated his gallery to Downtown Los Angeles in 2004. The DTLA opening of Bert Green Fine Art, in what was at the time an especially marginalized part of the city’s historic downtown core, and his role in founding the Gallery Row arts district and the Downtown Art Walk, contributed significantly to the revitalization of the city’s center. His work with city government, public, private and not-for-profit arts organizations and the downtown business community has been acknowledged with awards and recognition from organizations including the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Downtown News, the American Planning Association California State Chapter and City of Los Angeles Chapter Grassroots Initiative Award, and the Urban Land Institute. In 2012, Bert Green relocated Bert Green Fine Art to Chicago, IL in an historic high rise on Michigan Avenue, across from Millennium Park and a block north of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Orr Gidon

Orr Gidon currently resides in Chicago as a freelance artist, designer, and fabricator. Gidon recently earned their BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they studied Printmedia and 3D Design & Fabrication. In their 2D work, Gidon is stimulated by pattern, repetition of line and shape to create visual movements and optical illusions. Within their 3D practice, Gidon explores concepts of change and movement through processes of material manipulation, particularly using wood, metal, and glass.

Their design work emphasizes principles of ergonomics, multi-functionality, and sustainability with a sculptural approach. Part of their time is spent working with steel at Manifold, a metal furniture fabrication studio, and building light fixtures at Hangout Lighting.

Classes by this Artist:

Screenprinting 201: Textiles

April Sheridan

April Sheridan is a letterpress printer who is particularly interested in the artistic and experimental possibilities of the broadside and its historic place in American culture. For ten years she ran the letterpress printing, papermaking, and bookbinding studios at the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago. As an advocate for book arts education she has spoken at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum Wayzgoose/Educators Conference,Letterpress: Forward Thinking Conference at St. Bride Library in London, and at the &Now Conference at CalArts. She currently serves on the boards of the American Printing History Association, Inland Chapter and the WasteShed and was previously assistant director of the Chicago Printers Guild.

Classes by this Artist:

Letterpress I: Wood and Metal Type (Sep 2016)
Letterpress I: Wood and Metal Type (March 2017)
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