Community Workshop: The Exquisite Risographic Flip Book!

This three-in-one Community Workshop combines three very addicting components:

  • Test your animation skills by completing a “Morph Loop”!
  • Make and take a collaborative flipbook!
  • Witness the allure of Risography printing!

Flipbooks are an early, approachable, and addictive form of animation. While the field of animation has grown much more complex than a typical flipbook, this simple art form showcases the techniques that are still used across all types of animation. In this collaborative workshop, attendees will contribute to a surreal “exquisite corpse” narrative. The project will then move to the production phase, where attendees will learn the fundamentals of Risography and how to approach reproduction and pagination when making books. Everyone will head home with a copy of the collaborative flipbook and an understanding of the persistence of vision.

Led by Spudnik Press fellows, Rob Kelsey and Matt Wead, this workshop is a great way to see what Spudnik Press is all about. With donation-base tuition, all are welcome to come dabble with a new skill, including educators looking for new ideas, first-time artists, professionals, and everyone in between. We suggest $20 when able, but are happy to accept whatever amount works with your budget.