March 3 | Screenprinting Explorations (8 Weeks)

Screenprinting is an art form with a sometimes daunting degree of possibility. From bold graphic shapes to delicate and detailed halftones, almost any image you can think of can be created with a screen and some ink. So where to begin? 

In Screenprinting Explorations, students will be walked through the steps necessary to pull a successful print in a variety of styles and with increasing complexity. At every stage, students will be encouraged to experiment and explore, pushing the techniques and trying new things. Our eight-week class provides adequate time for new printers to complete a range of projects on paper and fabric. Along the way, students will become familiar with dark room exposure, mesh count, screen tension, ink consistency, and registration. In addition to developing A+ printing skills, this class will help students develop their imagery, be it hand-drawn illustration or digital files, to successfully translate to print. 

By the end of the class, students will know their way around the print shop, and be well equipped to continue printing independently at Spudnik Press Cooperative.