March 1 | Professional Practices for Artists (4 Weeks, Online)

Note: This 4-week online class will be skipping March 22nd and will therefore conclude on March 29th.

Would you like to build more of your livelihood around your art practice, or get your work out into the world more? Curious about opportunities for funding, learning, exhibiting, and creating, but intimidated by the process?

This series of online stand-alone workshops will focus on different professional skills and practices that working artists depend on for entrepreneurship in the real world — helping you make a good start on your goals!

Week 1:
Writing for Yourself, Writing for Your Audience: The Artist Statement, Bio, and CV
Week 2:
Administrative Essentials: Be Your Own Secretary AKA How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Spreadsheet
Week 3:
De-Mystifying Grants, Residencies, and Calls for Exhibitions
Week 4:
Self-Promotion & Communications for Independent Artists