Risography Foundations (April 2022)

The Risograph is an automated duplicator that efficiently produces multi-color prints with a distinct look and feel. Combining some of the best elements of other print processes (photocopiers, screenprinting, and offset), this print process has a lot to offer comic artists, writers, illustrators, designers, book artists, and more.

Our Risography Foundations class will set students up to successfully operate our RP3700 machine. Beginning with a collaborative print, students will be introduced to the mechanics of the machine. From there, students will create their own zine, mini-comic, or broadside to continue exploring the possibilities of the process.  In addition to gaining authorization to print independently at Spudnik Press, students will be learn a variety of simple book forms that they can use for their independent project.

Risograph machines are known for being rather finicky. Throughout the four weeks, students will learn some best practices for designing for the process, taking into consideration ink drying time, ink density, paper options, and registration. Students will also practice basic maintenance and troubleshooting, including how to change ink, reset and replace the master roll, and fix paper feed issues.