May 10 | Beyond the Folio: Experimental Zinemaking (6 Weeks)

The shapes and forms of books can be as wildly varied as their contents. A few simple concepts like folding, sewing, and gluing can be combined and stretched and iterated upon to make something wholly new but still recognizably “a book.”

Over 6 weeks, students will not only learn how to bind classic and experimental bookforms, but also how to use the Risograph to print the content of their books quickly and stylishly.

Two “field trips” are planned, to Chicago Zine Fest (CZF) and Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) so that students may start getting more involved in the local zine and comics scenes, learning from and getting inspired by local zinesters in an environment where trading work is encouraged. No experience is needed in either Risography or bookbinding, simply a creative spirit and a readiness to experiment.